Kansas Conference on Poverty

Join us on July 17-18 at the 2019 Kansas Conference on Poverty

Capitol Plaza Hotel, Topeka KS

The Kansas Conference on Poverty brings together direct service workers, agency/department management, agency Boards of Directors, volunteers and anti-poverty advocates from Kansas’s non-profit organizations, faith-based agencies, and government offices. As such, we welcome a wide variety of workshops – from ones that highlight anti-poverty services and programs to ones that help build agency capacity to ones that focus on advocacy and policy issues.

Since 2003, the conference has:

  • Brought together a distinguished line up of speakers;
  • Offered timely and informative workshops on state-of-art anti-poverty programs, agency capacity building, and policy issues; and
  • Promoted connections among anti-poverty practitioners and advocates from across Kansas.

This year’s theme is Working Toward Prosperity. 

Work is central to discussions of pathways out of poverty. People across the political spectrum understand that work–good, well-paying jobs with benefits–can help struggling families emerge from poverty. Poverty workers know that ending poverty requires work. Poverty is such a challenging problem that it can seem that social, economic, and political conditions all are aligned to keep people in poverty. Indeed, that is often the case.  However, there are signs that Kansans’ attitudes are shifting, creating opportunities for those addressing poverty and the people they serve, giving us confidence that our work can lead to prosperity. The conference will explore different aspects of the relationship between work and prosperity–the work that people in poverty do, the work that agencies and advocates do, and what works in addressing poverty.

Registration for the 2019 Kansas Conference on Poverty and for accommodations at the Capitol Plaza Hotel is now open. Please visit our 2019 Kansas Conference on Poverty website for more information here.