About Us

Kansas Association of Community Action Programs (KACAP) is the membership association for Community Action Agencies (CAAs) in Kansas, and as such we have three primary goals:

  • Help our members be strong and more effectively able to pursue their individual missions to end poverty;
  • Help Kansas develop a comprehensive model to end poverty; and
  • Be the leading advocate in promoting an end to poverty.

KACAP’s vision statement is to be the leading voice for committing Kansans to reduce poverty in our state to below 10% by 2030.  This initiative is called 10 by 30.  KACAP is seeking partners to make this vision a reality.

Reducing poverty in Kansas will take a concerted effort on the part of policymakers, businesses, and individuals all focused on making changes in their realms that make an impact.  With the Kansas poverty rate currently at 12.1%, the 10 by 30 initiative hopes to raise at least 20,000 families out of poverty over the next 18 years.

Initially formed in 1968, KACAP is a forum for Kansas CAAs to work together on issues that concern low-income Kansans. Examples of the Association’s accomplishments include statewide poverty-focused conferences, policy advocacy, production of pertinent poverty-focused reports, and provision of high-quality training and technical assistance for Kansas’ CAAs.

Any Community Action Agency in Kansas is eligible for KACAP membership. Members are assessed annual dues and have the opportunity to participate on KACAP’s governing Board of Directors. The eight Community Action Agencies in Kansas are the members of KACAP.

KACAP is staffed by two experienced professionals: Scott Anglemyer, Executive Director and Tasia Barnard, Executive Assistant/Office Manager. Contact us to join the 10 by 30 initiative, connect with your local CAA, request advocacy partnerships, for speaking engagements and presentations on poverty in Kansas.