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Fighting Childhood Poverty in Kansas

On September 6th, a task force charged with finding "a starting point for the Governor and Kansas Legislature to address the issue of childhood poverty in Kansas" released its recommendations to the public.

In response to that document, to which Kansas Community Action had no input, KACAP Executive Director Tawny Stottlemire has released this statement: "I am deeply disappointed in both the recommendations and the process by which they were created.  Poverty is an extremely complex societal issue and it’s impacts effect every single Kansan.  To believe that four meetings involving a very narrow band of hand-selected participants can produce a viable approach to reducing childhood poverty is short-sighted and a disservice to our state.  Real efforts to reduce poverty in Kansas will focus on jobs with sufficient wages and benefits, commitments to programs and services that temporarily assist struggling, low-income Kansans regardless of their marital status, and promote a shared responsibility for ourselves, our neighbors and community members."