The Poverty: A-Z Experience

Poverty: A-Z has 26 panels, 10 floors stamps, and two hours of original music by the band Invisible Bike. Together, they create a maze of art and imagery that participants walk through, quite literally getting lost in a world of poverty issues. This project connects our clients, staffers and volunteers in a united effort to tell the poverty story; we are trying to reach friends and colleagues, communities and leaders with a new message about what it means to live in, fight against and conquer poverty.

Poverty: A-Z debuted at the 2010 Kansas Conference on Poverty to rave reviews. Since then, it has traveled the state and country, added the Voices of Poverty listening stations, and has prompted responses that include:

"I came to see Art. I read about my life."

"Thank you for giving us a VOICE! This exhibit has given me a sense of pride because I am a survivor!"

"The exhibit really touched my heart." "Hopefully this will move people with the power to do something!"

"This exhibit has raised my awareness of poverty. This is not something individuals can handle alone, but is the responsibility of EVERYONE, regardless of status."  "I did not grasp the real cost of poverty that everyone pays." 

"This should be at the Capitol!"

While we are working on that, it can be at your organizational, community, regional, or national event. We've seen exhibits at local libraries, art walks and festivals, staff inservice days and community celebrations. The Poverty: A-Z experience could be perfect for your event or venue. To apply to schedule an exhibit, download the application and contract



Poverty: A-Z Postcards Now Available

PCSince the exhibit's debut in 2010, KACAP has received HUNDREDS of requests for a way to take the art home in order to share it with others. We now offer all 26 of the amazing images of this exhibit in one beautiful, bound book of postcards for just $20. These make great gifts for volunteers or board members, and are perfect for celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the War on Poverty.  ORDER YOURS TODAY.

We are always seeking key sponsors to assist with the operational costs of transporting this project and sharing its life-changing message. To learn more, become involved, or donate towards the journey of Poverty: A-Z, email Tiffany Jarvis.