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Want to get involved in the Minimum Wage Debate?

Over 1/3 of the Minimum Wage work force in America is made up of women OVER the age of 25. Surprised? So are a lot of people. MSNBC produced an insightful piece about the myths that surround those who make that Federally mandated $7.25. It's these myths that can make the #raisethewage debate, as we call it on Twitter, so complicated.

Once you tackle the myths, there are truly solid economic arguments both for AND against an increase. You could go read the published findings in a lot of academic journals, but for a fun, accurate, and surprisingly succinct overview, try this video from Upworthy. Tackling the data does not have to be overwhelming, as these economists from Seattle show you with their research into the impact of a raised minimum wage on the restaurant industry.

Now, if you're ready to take a side and take a stand, our friends at the Half In Ten Campaign have put together an action tool kit that provides several resources to help you engage the media, other advocates, and your elected officials regarding minimum wage issue. Read more and see the full arsenal of information HERE.