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Updated: Insights into Wealth Inequality

It would be amusing to see a Kansas City report published in a Californian newspaper, if the news wasn't so disheartening. Experts now believe meaningful mobility may be dangerously close to disappearing entirely. A wealth gap so stagnant that our culture is more like feudal Europe than can-do America.

The film, Inequality for All, is a plea for the Middle Class and a cry against the ever growing wage gaps in this country from Robert Reich. In the film, they propose 6 methods to improving our economy, and by extension, cutting poverty. Learn more about the film at http://inequalityforall.com

Films like this are more important as we consider the impact economic inequality has on our nation's children. Today, income is a STRONGER predictor than race in regards to predicting a child's success in school. 

If the concept of wealth inequality is new to you, visit http://wealthinequality.org/Home_Page.html   OR  http://inequality.is/real  for a concise overview.

Of course in May, we had official reports that unemployment is at its lowest in years, and private sector jobs are back at pre-recession levels. However, new research from the National Employment Law Project shows us that most of these new jobs are low-wage, adding another nail to the proverbial coffin of the middle class.  Further, research from the Institute for Research on Poverty suggests the lower your education level, the more unstable your employment is.