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Now is the Time to Invest in Children
Thanks to a survey from the Wall Street Journal, we now know that Americans are (finally) as likely to blame poverty on circumstances beyond people’s control than they are to believe the poor aren’t doing enough to dig themselves out of it. This is a major swing in public opinion, and a strong sign that more advocates will come together to fix the broken pieces of our economic system. 

As advocates, now is the time to press forward to eliminate poverty for the future generations. Community Action has long believed that one of the best ways to invest in children, is to invest in their families, and more research has arrived to support that claim. The news from Johns Hopkins is that our current housing crisis is having a direct impact on the cognitive ability of our nation's youth.  From the Report: 

“Families spending about 30 percent of their income on housing had children with the best cognitive outcomes,” said Newman, who is also director of the university’s Center on Housing, Neighborhoods and Communities. “It’s worse when you pay too little and worse when you pay too much.”

Read the full report here

Of course, the negative impact of poverty on childhood development doesn't stop at just housing issues. Just the fact that parents struggling with poverty have less TIME to spend with their children has a dramatic affect. Supplementing the Community Action ideal that investing in families NOW means protecting children LATER, researchers Greg J. Duncan, Katherine Magnuson, and Elizabeth Votruba-Drza have developed a model that shows that Boosting Family Income will Promote a Child's Development.