KACAP Recommends

Community Action, in Kansas and the entire American Partnership, is committed to fighting the root causes and conditions of poverty. The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) were recently honored at the Roosevelt Institute's Four Freedom Awards and highlighted in the column This Week in Poverty by Greg Kaufmann. The CIW has forged the Campaign for Fair Food and created Fair Food Agreements, making national strides for farm workers. As both a call to action and a model for grassroots efforts to end poverty, we recommend them. Learn more HERE.

UPDATE: On December 13th, Greg Kaufmann announced his transition into full-time advocacy, marking the end of the column, This Week in Poverty. As a network, we were inspired by his insight, as people, we were moved by his passion, and as KACAP, we are honored to be included on his list of memorable poverty-fighters. Read his motivational farewell HERE