KACAP Recommends

We were honored to host Sister Simone Campbell of NETWORK Lobby, and the Nuns on a Bus, as part of the 2013 Kansas Conference on Poverty in Mid-July. Since then, she boldly testified at Rep. Ryan's Hearing on the War on Poverty, “We won’t address [poverty] by ignoring the successes of today’s safety net, but neither is today’s safety net adequate—we need a new commitment to reduce poverty and promote opportunity.”

The links below provide a wide variety of perspectives on her testimony, and how it was received: 


The Kansas Community Action Network is proud to partner with the National Association of State Community Service Programs. They have released their 2013 CSBG report. Look for Kansas on page 21. 

KACAP gathers much inspiration from the Corporation for Enterprise Development, or CFED. They too have released their Annual Report. In it, Andrea Levere, President of CFED, is quoted: "For the first time in memory, the issues that you and I care about - asset building, financial security and economic opportunity for lower-income Americans - have entered the mainstream. Interest in new approaches - such as asset building - has become a part of our national conversation." It is our sincere wish that KACAP contributes to that transition.