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Knowledge is Power
At KACAP, we strive to be your portal to the best resources and research in the fight against poverty. Here is where we provide our favorite insights into the struggle to address the causes and conditions of poverty.

First we present a problem and a possible solution. NPR did explored how the increase in the lack of affordable housing is a cause of poverty, and not a symptom of the impact of those in it. Meanwhile, KACAP favorite NationSwell explored 7 different interpretations of the Tiny House movement, and how they are making impacts on diverse communities. 

Community Action and Legal Services were both born in the War On Poverty, and KACAP has long been a proud partner of Kansas Legal Services. That's why we were excited to read the new TalkPoverty piece on Legal Aid as a poverty solution. 

And, for the first time, more than half of the members of Congress are millionaires. The Atlantic Magazine explored what that means to those of us who fight poverty for a living