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Our Relationship to Food

Recent "popular" research has told us that being "hangry" - the increase of negative emotions like anger because of hunger - is a real condition or state of being. This of course has implications for children and families dealing with food insecurity. 

For instance, a study from the American Society for Nutrition found that reducing a family's food insecurity FIRST does, in fact, lead the way to improved economic security. Read the full longitudinal work HERE.

Meanwhile, the restaurant industry continues to be a Billion Dollar industry, on the shoulders of our love for food, and on the backs of tipped workers. Congress hasn’t raised the federal minimum for tipped workers, currently $2.13, in more than 20 years. The economic impact of this can be felt in all sectors, but might also explain why your server is acting a bit "hangry." Read more from PEW about the Tipped Wage Debate HERE