10 by 30

10 by 30: A Statewide Commitment to Reduce the Kansas Poverty Rate

What is 10 by 30?

10 by 30 is an initiative to encourage Kansans to commit to the goal of reducing the poverty rate in Kansas (currently at 11.9%) to below 10% by the year 2030. We are asking individuals and organizations to join us in making that commitment.

What does the commitment involve?

By committing to this goal, you are agreeing to take steps to help reduce poverty in Kansas. Those steps can include:

  • Sharing your commitment on social media using the hashtag #10by30.
  • Advocating for policies that reduce poverty in Kansas. Examples of such policies are included in KACAP’s policy priorities.
  • Learning more about poverty in your community.
  • Contacting your public officials and encouraging them to commit to 10 by 30
  • Working with KACAP and its member agencies to bring the Poverty Simulation to your community.
  • Organizing a group in your community to work together on actions to reduce poverty
  • Encouraging organizations in your community (churches, nonprofits, service clubs, etc.) to become a part of 10 by 30.
  • Starting a dialogue in your community around poverty issues.
  • Inviting KACAP or a KACAP member to speak to your group or organization.
  • Helping us gather stories. Share your experience with poverty or connect us with people you know who want to tell their stories. The stories of people who are experiencing poverty or face challenges imposed by harmful policies are particularly valuable.
  • Letting us know what you’re doing. Whether you’re an individual or an organization, we want to know how you are committing to reduce poverty.
  • Taking actions in your business or organization that will help to reduce poverty, including. Nonprofits can deliver services designed to help lift people out of poverty. Businesses can examine their practices–including their employment practices–to help people who are trying to raise themselves out of poverty.

Who should sign up?

We’re interested in getting as many Kansans as possible to make a commitment to reduce poverty. We’re seeking commitments from private citizens (you, your friends, and your neighbors), public officials, nonprofit organizations, congregations, and businesses.

Use this sign-up form to join us and commit to helping reduce poverty in Kansas.

For more information about 10 by 30

Contact Scott Anglemyer, KACAP Executive Director by phone (785-234-0878) or by e-mail (scott@kacap.org).