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At KACAP, we understand that economic inequality is a difficult concept to communicate. This website is meant to be a portal for you to the tools, resources, and information you need to understand poverty in your community and how the Kansas Community Action Network is striving to end it.

50 Years Later

In his State of the Union address on Jan. 8, 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson introduced his “war on poverty,” when the national poverty rate was 19%. His project created Medicare, Medicaid, a permanent food stamp program, Head Start, Volunteers in Service to America, the Job Corps., and of course, Community Action. 

While much has changed, we acknowledge that much appears to have remained the same, with the national poverty rate still hovering around 15% percent. Day after day, year after year, we have seen the success of programs like Community and Medicare, created then, and efforts like TANF and the EITC, created along the way. We know that the War on Poverty has not been a lost cause

Reducing Poverty in Kansas

The relationship between policy and poverty in Kansas has received national attention on multiple occasions. Most recently, Governing Magazine asked the question, "Can Tough Love Help Reduce Poverty?, " focusing on Kansas as the model for State Administrations that believe that by making assistance difficult to receive or keep, citizens will make more of an effort to life themselves out of poverty. KACAP, along with other strong Kansas advocates including the Kansas Health Consumer Coalition and the Kansas Center for Economic Growth, were featured in the article.